Good Character Isn't Taught in Schools

The CEO employs for talent but almost always fires for character. 

He can easily repeat the same mistake at home — spending a fortune on classical dance and clarinet lessons, but little on their character.

The problem is, good character is learnt — but can't be taught.

The elements of good character are picked up, like an object we might assess in the middle of heat, pressure and discomfort.

When this happens inside warm and healthy relationships — the raw elements of character turn good.

This might happen at school — but the best opportunity is at home.

It’s up to us to create those homes, where there is discomfort — but our homes feel good.

Where high standards are held — but no higher than the freedom to fail.

Where mistakes are made — but not long before an apology.

Where the network of relationships around them feel better — not worse because of you.

Where what should never have been learnt at school — is safely undone at home.

Because when you walk in that door tonight you’ll change the feel of the room. Your standards, your grace, your hope for a better future — that all walks in with you.

For you might just be a CEO at work, but at home you’re a Culture Maker.


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