Why being a soft parent isn't safe!

We all want our workplaces and homes to be safe - but we’re often too soft to make them that way.

We’re not prepared to say what needs to be said, too tired to lean into the mess, or too distracted to see our leadership missing.

But we tell ourselves it’s ok — because being soft is safe — forgetting that safe places have structure, limits and boundaries. They’re also lead by engaged and present leaders.

Safe places are led, not by softies, but by people who stand for something.

They’re places with high standards and even bigger grace.

Safe places have firm and fair boundaries — coupled with the freedom to fail.

People say sorry in safe places — if the leader has modelled it.

What happened the last time they cocked up? Do they still find you safe?

Safe places don’t happen — they’re made — and it’s bloody hard work.

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