Do we see the leadership talent in our homes?

CEO’s are desperate to develop new leaders in their businesses - but go home to a houseful of them - and don’t seem to care.

We can easily get distracted by big salaries and big egos — missing the biggest move of our life — to develop the leaders in our home.

How do we do that?

The same way we do at work:

We call out the raw leadership talent in people — when others just see a mess.

We hold a higher standard — then people hold for themselves.

We expect much more — but provide the freedom to fail.

We focus on their character - when others just care about talent.

We don’t give free rides - because everybody has to do their part.

We believe in a brighter future - when everyone’s given up hope.

Men, our homes are full of potential and the leader in your home is the one calling it out and holding it to a higher standard. 

Big success is never fully felt in big salaries and big egos — but in the size of our life at home. 


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