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Hi, I'm Mike Edwards, Welcome to Culture Maker

Culture Maker supports fathers in their role at home. It helps dads create healthy cultures for their partners and great relationships with their kids. You might be part of the growing majority who never marry, or perhaps your marriage has ended. No matter what your life looks like, Culture Maker will help you enjoy your home, your kids and your role as a leader.

Creating Healthy Cultures Is How Fathers Lead

Our family culture is what it feels like to be around us.

It's the environment we create for our partner and kids. It reflects how engaged we are, and how we engage.  Culture is made in the moments that someone fails, it’s measured in the moments that people disagree with us. Our culture is affected by our belief, vision, actions and standards.

Culture is how we lead.


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For Every Father

Married, separated & divorced...

The Culture Maker Community constitutes every type of father. Whilst most dads hate parenting classes — 
we all want to be better leaders — what we need are the leadership strategies to lead where it matters, no matter the mess. 

CEO's, Consultants & Construction Staff

We're All Leaders At Home


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