The #1 Parenting Strategy For Dads

Culture making is how dads parent well and it can be done whether you're married separated divorced or de-facto.

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We all want to be a good dad!

Most dads won't go to a parenting course — but they still want to be a great dad.

It's so easy to feel like a bad dad — because we often measure our performance by how things are going with our partner, or our kids. It's hard to feel like a good dad when home is messy.

The good news is — all the fatherhood research points to healthy culture making as being the number 1 thing we need to focus on as a dad — and that we can do that even when we're divorced.

Hey you, the father reading this, whether you're a CEO or a seasonal worker, the single biggest leadership play of your life, will be to create a healthy culture around your kids. So join me and let's do it together!

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CULTURE MAKER - The #1 Parenting Strategy for Dads

Learn how to create great cultures around your kids — even when you feel like a failure.

Ken Keyte

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What's Your Family Culture?

Every leader creates culture — if you're a dad you're a leader and you're creating culture — even from a distance.

How things feel around us is the culture we're creating. We're not a victim of it, we're the creators of it. What culture are you creating?

Even divorced dads can create healthy cultures!

You might be part of the growing majority who choose to never marry, or perhaps your marriage didn't last. Whether you're married, separated divorced or de-facto, the biggest question you can ask yourself today is: What culture am I creating for my kids?